Scours and respiratory health still require attention

Beef farming

Average daily weight gain and feed conversion rate are important parameters determining the profitability of a beef farming operation. Only healthy beef cows will meet the expectations with regard to performance. Managing scours and respiratory health is important for the beef industry to ensure good growth and to improve efficiency.

Calf rearing

It’s common for beef farms to obtain young calves from multiple sources. This can result in a negative impact on growth and welfare of the animal, even later in life. Investments to improve management of the herd therefore have a good return on investment.

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Beef calf to cow facts

  • Many challenges in the beef cow industry are related to poor colostrum intake of beef calves
  • Mixing beef calves from different sources may have an impact on immune status
  • Bovine respiratory health is important to preserve proper lung function, resulting in good growth of beef cattle later in life
  • Rehydration  around slaughter improves carcass yield of beef cattle significantly

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