Broiler breeders are like top athletes and need to be managed accordingly

Breeding chickens

Poultry breeding aims at producing the maximum number of chicks per breeder, with an optimal sanitary status, vigor and viability. Breeder nutrition can heavily impact offspring quality, survivability and performance.

Elevated temperatures

Particularly at peak production, metabolism of broilers can be very active, resulting in the production of a lot of body heat. During periods of elevated temperatures, particularly if they occur in combination with high humidity, broilers will start panting. As a result of panting, the mineral balance gets disturbed, leading to dehydration, a reduction in feed intake and ultimately performance failure and death. 

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If excessive amounts of fatty acids are transported to the liver, accumulation occurs and Fatty Liver Syndrome (FLS) occurs. Therefore, broiler breeders should be adapted if energy requirements change. FLS can result in a drop in egg production/egg mass and an increase in mortality. FLS is a threat throughout the entire laying period.

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