Better breathing for a healthy future



The respiratory system of lambs is very vulnerable. Maintaining good respiratory health is of utmost importance to ensure an animal reaches its potential later in life. Farm-O-San Pulmosure contains an essential oil that supports breathing and clearing of the airways. Pulmosure also contains a natural form of vitamin E and organically bound selenium in order to support the immune function.


Use Farm-O-San Pulmosure as topdressing or include it in pellet feed at a daily dose of 10 gram per 100 kg body weight for a period of 1 to 3 weeks. Provide Farm-O-San Pulmosure to the whole group of lambs at the same time. Feed for 10 - 21 days.


Farm-O-San Pulmosure supports breathing and clearing of the airways and stimulates the immune function of lambs.


Farm-O-San Pulmosure can be used during anticipated periods of risk (e.g. lambs are on pasture and always require support for their respiratory system within a few days after being housed in a stable when the autumn starts), at the first signs of respiratory problems, or to facilitate easy breathing once signals are visible in the entire flock.

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