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Pulmosure LD

Pulmosure LD

Managing respiratory health in lambs can be a challenge. Maintaining good respiratory health is of the utmost importance to ensure that a lamb develops and grows to its best potential.

There are certain periods lambs need extra support to manage their respiratory health which can be identified beforehand. During these periods, it may be beneficial to improve breathing and maximise respiratory health.

Farm-O-San Pulmosure LD is a complementary feed for lambs, containing an essential oil that supports breathing and clearing of the airways. Farm-O-San Pulmosure LD also contains a natural form of vitamin E and organically bound selenium in order to support the immune function.


Use Farm-O-San Pulmosure LD as topdressing or mix it with milk or drinking water. Provide Farm-O-San Pulmosure LD to the whole group of lambs at the same time. Dissolve a daily dose of 20-30 grams in 10 liters of milk, or in drinking water at a dose of 1 kg per 100 litres or administer 10-15 grams per 50 kg of body weight as a top dressing on feed. Administer for 10 - 21 days.

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Act rapidly with Farm-O-San Pulmosure LD!

Once the first warning signs occur, it’s important to act fast and support the respiratory tract’s primary defence mechanism. The upper parts of the respiratory tract contain so-called goblet cells. These produce a mucous layer that covers the inner lining of the tract and traps unwanted particles inhaled by the calf.

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