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Farm-O-San Kubilam can be used as a supplement when the ewe produces insufficient amounts of good quality colostrum or as a complete replacement if the ewe produces no colostrum at all.


Administer Farm-O-San Kubilam directly after birth, within 6 hours. For substitution, use 1 x 40 gram Farm-O-San Kubilam per 4 kg bodyweight. Dissolve 40 grams in 100–125 ml water (± 45˚C). For supplementation, use 20 gram per 4 kg bodyweight.


Farm-O-San Kubilam is a safe alternative to natural colostrum.


Farm-O-San Kubilam is easy to use and ensures lambs and goat kids obtain sufficient maternal antibodies to support immunity during the first few months of life.

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