Increase the quality of colostrum



Farm-O-San Colostrum is a colostrum replacer and/or enricher for calves. It can be used if good quality colostrum from the dam is not available, or to increase the quality of colostrum if the amount of antibodies is too low.


For colostrum enrichment, add Farm-O-San Colostrum to the colostrum from the dam, depending on the  antibody level of the colostrum. For replacement in  calves if no colostrum is available, use 1x 500 gram Farm-O-San Colostrum per calf. Administer directly after birth.


Farm-O-San Colostrum is a freeze-dried colostrum powder with a guarantueed level of 20% immunoglobulins.


Farm-O-San Colostrum is an excellent alternative to natural colostrum in case of low quality or quantity colostrum on farm.

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